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We only specialize in trampolines, so we are good at what we do. We are a proud US company based in California since 1996. Happy Trampoline offers the most comprehensive and biggest trampoline for sale in lines, from 10ft round to 16ft round, rectangles, and octagons of all sizes. If you can’t find a specific size for your need, call or email us and we can custom one for you. Our products have gone through a rigorous quality control system and have at least met or exceeded all current safety regulations, including ASTM & TUV.

We use galvanized heavy duty springs, made of high quality steel wire to protect against corrosion and rust. Our trampolines use the 8.5” springs, which is able to endure heavy weight.


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We place a very high emphasis in safety. That is why our frame structure is the most rigorous there is. We only use at least a 2.0 mm thickness to 3.0 mm (13 gauge to 10 gauge) galvanized steel for our frame support. This allows heavier weight tolerance and won’t break or bend during excessive usage. We come from a family with lots of children, so we appreciate a customer setting high demands on safety. Most of our staff owns a Happy Trampoline product for their family. So when your kids bounce on a Happy Trampoline product, rest assure that our kids have bounced on it as well.

Happy Trampoline knows that while the quality of our trampolines is at the utmost importance, so are our prices. That is why we offer the 110% price match guarantee (see price match). To top that off, we offer outstanding customer service (before and after the sale) along with On-time Delivery you can count on!

And we're not done yet. Look at all the competitors and compare for yourself who's got the best warranty. We're so confident in our product that we're the only company in the world that has a limited lifetime warranty on our frames and springs. That's why we're so confident that when you use us, you will be committed for life.

Happy Trampoline has the best warranty and durability in the industry at affordable prices even when we are known as the best Trampoline store to buy. The whole range has been stringently tested for both safety and quality.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the biggest trampoline for sale at us. We welcome all inquiries, questions and comments.



Testimonial from Kid’s Gym – We Rock The Spectrum “All our kids love the Infinity Trampoline! It is the main attraction for many of our special needs kids, as well as the typical kids! It gets used all day and at our birthday parties as well. It provides much needed sensory input, and a whole lotta fun for all kids of all abilities. Even the parents have a good time!”Click here:Trampoline Appreciation Letter

Testimonials from Clermont Mental Health & Recovery Board: “ …Your trampoline has held up better than any other trampoline the family has ever purchased. The frame remains sturdy and solid…It is amazing to find a company willing to support and assist children with special needs, and who stand behind their product…. “ Click here:Trampoline Appreciation Letter

Meet Michael Brook, former Trampoline Champion, professional speaker, author…testimonial on Galactic Xtreme Trampoline Attached Letter